Computing Frontiers 2005

Ischia, Italy, 4-6 May 2005

Sponsored by ACM SIGMicro and IBM.

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CF'05 Conference Program

Keynote and Invited Talks

May 4, 2005
James E. Smith (U. of Wisconsin-Madison)
Virtual Machines: Supporting Changing Technology and New Applications [Download]

Virtual machines are used in a number of computer science and engineering disciplines to provide a flexible, "intelligent" interface between software and underlying hardware. Consequently, virtualizing technologies can enhance future computer systems in a number of ways, including improved security, interoperability, and portability. This talk will survey the variety of virtual machine architectures and applications and then focus on three potentially important future applications: security, grid computing, and portable environments.

May 5, 2005
Valentina Salapura (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
Power and Performance Optimization at the System Level [Download]

The BlueGene/L supercomputer has been designed with a focus on power/performance efficiency to achieve high application performance under the thermal constraints of common data centers. To achieve this goal, emphasis was put on system solutions to engineer a power-efficient system. This talk will give an overview of the unique challenges which faced the BlueGene team, and the innovative system design solutions which optimized across the design space ranging from packaging to system software. Finally, this talk will examine the power and performance efficiency of applications on the BlueGene system.

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Conference registration is now open (PDF Form, Word Form)

Attention all speakers: There will be a laptop with PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat reader and a projector available for presentations. There will also be an overhead projector for transparencies.

Call For Papers

Available in HTML or in PDF format.

The increasing needs of present and future computation-intensive applications have stimulated research in new and innovative approaches to the design and implementation of high-performance computing systems. This challenging boundary between state of the art and innovation constitutes the computing frontiers, which needs to push forward and provide the computational support required for the advancement of all science domains and applications. This conference will focus on a wide spectrum of advanced technologies and radically new solutions and is designed to foster communication between the various scientific areas and disciplines involved.

Authors are invited to submit papers on all areas of innovative computing systems which extend the current frontiers of computer science and engineering and that will provide advanced systems for current and future applications.

Papers are sought on theory, methodologies, technologies, and implementations concerned with innovations in computing paradigms, computational models, architectural paradigms, computer architectures, development environments, compilers, operating environments, etc. Papers should be submitted to one of the following tracks:

  1. Non-conventional computing
  2. Grid computing
  3. High performance embedded architectures
  4. Reconfigurable computing
  5. Supercomputing
  6. Autonomic and Organic computing
  7. Compilers and Operating Systems
  8. Pervasive computing
  9. Architectures and devices for emerging nanotechnologies
  10. Workload characterization of emerging applications
  11. SOC architectures
  12. Temperature, energy, and complexity-aware designs
  13. Special purpose architectures
  14. Quantum computing
  15. Open topics

Papers with new ideas and perspectives on computing are more than welcome.

Full papers should be submitted through the Conference Submission Page. Papers should be no longer than 6000 words, single-column and double-spaced, and in PDF format (printable with Acrobat Reader).

PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 20, 2004. Acceptance/rejection will be emailed by January 24, 2005. The final manuscript will due February 23, 2005. Submission implies that at least one author will register at the conference and present the paper.

General chair:
Nader Bagherzadeh, University of California at Irvine, US
Technical Program Chairs:
Mateo Valero, UPC, ES
Alex Ramirez, UPC, ES
Track Chairs
1. Olivier Temam, INRIA Futurs, FR
2. Frederica Darema, NSF, US
3. Per Stenstrom, Chalmers University, SE
4. Stamatis Vasiliadis, TU Delft, NL
5. Jose Moreira, IBM, US
6. Theo Ungerer, University of Augsburg, DE
7. Mike O'Boyle, Univ. of Edinburg, UK
8. Achilles Kameas, CTI, GR
9. Alvin Lebeck, Duke University, US
10. Koen De Bosschere, Ghent University, BE
11. Antonio Prete, University of Pisa, IT
12. Pradip Bose, IBM, US
13. Alex Veidenbaum, Univ. of California at Irvine, US
14. Peter Burke, University of California at Irvine, US
15. Gearold Johnson, Colorado State University, US
Special Sessions Chair
Giacomo Sechi, CNR - IASF, IT
Ben Juurlink, TU Delft, NL
Publication Chair
Sergio D'Angelo, CNR - IASF, IT
Local Arrangements Chair
Monica Alderighi, CNR - IASF, IT
Registration/Finance Chair
Sally McKee, Cornell University, US
Oliverio J. Santana, UPC, ES
Steering Committee
Monica Alderighi, CNR - IASF, IT
Steven Beaty, Metro State College of Denver, US
Sergio D'Angelo, CNR - IASF, IT
Kemal Ebcioglu, IBM, US
Jean-Luc Gaudiot, University of California at Irvine, US
Gearold Johnson, Colorado State University, US
Cecilia Metra, University of Bologna, IT
Vincenzo Piuri, University of Milan, IT
Giacomo Sechi, CNR - IASF, IT
Stamatis Vassiliadis, TU Delft, NL

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Special Sessions

Special session on Reversible Computing The session will compromise the 1st Intl. Workshop on Reversible Computing.

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Travel and Accomodation

The conference is planned for May 4-6, 2005 on the island of Ischia, Italy. How to get to Ischia. Tourism information about Ischia.

The venue will be the Hotel Continental Terme. Rates are:

Please use this Hotel reservation form.

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March 1st, 2005: The conference program has been updated to show social events: Welcome reception (May 3, 19:00), and Conference Banquet (May 5, 20:00).

Feb 17th, 2005: The CF'05 conference program is now available.

Feb 14th, 2005: Camera-ready papers are due on Feb 23rd, two more days than initially announced. Hotel reservation form is available. Conference registration form is available in PDF and MS Word format.

Oct 18th, 2004: The Computational Biology track has been dropped fom the conference. If you were interested in submitting to this track, please submit to the Open topics track.

Oct 25th, 2004: The venue will be the Hotel Continental Terme once again. Updated rates are available.

Nov 23rd, 2004: Added a link to the Special Session on Reversible Computing.

Dec 1st, 2004: Paper submission deadline has been extended to Dec 20th. Please note this is a sharp deadline: no further extensions will be granted. Author notification has been delayed by a week to provide time to the reviewers.

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